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  Welcome to the pages of The School of life!

Dear visitors, welcome to the virtual educational center School of life for development of human potential, where you can get informal education, practical knowledge, inspiration and support for achieving well-being through cultivation of virtues and deliverance from flaws. We offer extensive information on developing virtues, skills and competences needed for achieving well-being (happiness and success), material and spiritual.

There are articles/modules at your disposal, as well as our innovative, multimedia projects and the e-program „Well-Being“ - all free of charge. (For now only available in Croatian language.) 

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   School of Life - School of Happiness

In school we're taught to be smarter.
In church we're taught to be more moral.
At work we're taught to be more successful.
The School of Life teaches you to be more happy!

Many scientific researches, as well as our life experiences show us that true and lasting happiness does not come through education, kindness, success, wealth or health. We know the through cause of happiness and how to make it happen and last.

A lot of people have it backwards thinking that they'll be happy when they get something, or find a better job, receive a raise or praise, or when their kids grow up, or when they go on a vacation and so on. The truth is the complete opposite - happiness is not a consequence, but the cause. Only when we're happy we can get a better job, a raise or anything else. Happiness guarantees success, success doesn't guarantee happiness.

Happiness is not something we can buy, inherit, inject or learn. You do not search nor find happiness. Happiness is practiced! There are certain habits that guarantee permanent happiness. These habits are achieved in our program in a few simple steps with the help of certain virtues, techniques and tools.

We offer a the know-how for achieving happiness through our educational programs for children and adults. All members of our association, no matter if they attend our program or not, receive a multimedia happiness package as a gift, so we suggest you join us » (Sorry, for now it is only available in Croatian language.)

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Neformalno obrazovanje
Enrollment in programs
Find out all about enrollment in our programs here, sign in by filling the online application.
(Sorry, for now it is only available in Croatian language.)
online course that provides multimedia training for success and prosperity. It includes modules on cultivating virtue and riddance of flaws. The purpose of this program is to empower you by enabling you to use your virtues so as to achieve lasting success and prosperity.
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Our basic program for achieving happiness and success in every aspect of life. More in Croatian »
Well-Being Foundations
In order to achieve personal and social wellfare it is necessary to build strong foundations. To build economy just on knowledge and skills is insufficient, which is proven by the world in crisis.
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The Cure for All
It is not manufac-tured, doesn't cost a thing and it's available to every-
one right now.
Join our team and enjoy all the benefits of humanitarian work.
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The newest articles and modules - for now available only in Croatian language
Moć ljubavi
True Love
Love is not just an emotion;
it is a positive, creative, transforming and healing force, a cause for every invention, every discovery and every creation. Here we discover how to use the power of love as a means to achieve own happiness and success. Also, find out here how to love unconditionally and what's in it for you:
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The End to Greed
Smisao ovog modula nije da ti kaže da ne smiješ biti pohlepan/na već da ti ponudi drugi, bolji način za ostvarenje svega onoga što inače ljudi postižu pohlepom. Osim toga, u ovom modulu su alati za oslobođenje od ove napasti, kako kod sebe tako i kod drugih:
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a.k.a. solar joga
This practice for health, diet, empowerment, self-sufficiency, sustainability and many other benefits has taken off in our region - supposedly around 100 tausend people practice it in our region. Find out why and how to do it:
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Current - for now available only in Croatian language
Motivation for Studying
- for parents -
Nakon dugih praznika treba nekako motivirati djecu za učenje. U tome roditeljima pomaže naš iscrpan članak s praktičnim savjetima što točno poduzeti kad djetetu treba motivacija za učenje. More in cro
Uspjeh u školi
Success in School
Proslijedite ovaj članak svojim školarcima kako bi izgradili osnove za uspjeh u ovoj školskoj godini.   More in Croatian »
All about success -how to achieve it, what prevents it, its basic principles...  More in Croatian »
Most read articles last month - for now available only in Croatian language
is an ancient Hawaiian way of solving problems. If you can do just one thing to change your life, choose this one.
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molitvaThe Power of Prayer
We can use prayer as one of the skills to achieve prosperity. What are prayers for, why some are not answered, how to pray so that our prayers be answered - that and much more, we answer here:   More in Croatian »
Motivation for Studying
Has your child stopped studying? Does it seem like  the worst activity in the world to him/her? A detailed article with practical advices on what exactly to do when your child's motivation for studying is down: 
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 Editor's Choice which are not featured above - for now available only in Croatian language

Intuition Quotient
Intuition is the talking of the soul, higher conscience or a super-conscience, and its center is in the gut. Not iIntelligence quotient, but the intuition quotient is what determines a persons progress as well as achievement of happiness and success. This article is one of our most important ones. Without this skill it is impossible to achieve and maintain prosperity, so make sure to read it:  More in Croatian »


The Laws of Nature
These are the rules which regulate our world and with it our success and happiness. Stick to these universal laws and prosperity will be your natural state. 
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- for parents -
how to develop communication with your children. Is communication with your children good? Are you managing to get through to them?
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Youth program
program Životne škole

Informal education for children and youth with a purpose of improving the quality of life of families through development of social-emotional competences, improvement of health care and raising financial intelligence.
With the help of our mentors, students have a chance to learn everything that is not taught through formal education and that their parents don't have the time or the know-how to teach them, but is important for success and happiness in life.
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Program for parents

In compliance with the National Family Policy of the Republic of Croatia, we promote affirmation of successful parenthood through informing and educating parents, educational programs which include education on family, partnership, parenthood and the likes. Special attention is given to the development of democratic culture in a family. This program for parents contributes to creating a friendly social environment which will help families in resolving various problems, primarily the ones regarding the development of children.  More in Croatian »

Apart from the programs of informal education for children and youth as well as parents and other adults, the association School of Life conducts and has in store a line of quality and innovative projects.
Highlights: "Magic Tree" activity, Campaign for Honor (for freedom from corruption), „Hero of the Year“ manifestation, "Art Pharmacy", Center of excellence, Volunteering "Juniors for seniors", Prevention of delinquency and crime "Quantum Gun" etc.
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Goals of The School of Life


European council in Lisabon made a strategic goal for the European Union: to be the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world, in order to strengthen employment, economic reform and social cohesion.
To achieve that, the European systems of education have to adjust to the demands of a society which is based on knowledge. One of the main components of this approach is to promote new basic skills and key competences which are acquired through  lifelong learning.

Within the goals set by the European council and the European commission, The School of Life has set its own strategic goal: to contribute to the development of a more competent and dynamic economy based on knowledge and virtues by training people to achieve a better integration of their abilities and broader social goals and so contribute to the economical growth of own nation and beyond.

This strategic goal, The School of Life achieves through promoting European dimension of education which includes a training in basic skills and key competences, virtues, entrepreneurship and healthy habits, all the while advocating a shift of emphasis from teaching to learning.

The School of Life accepts its responsibility in creating conditions and providing all the necessary opportunities for harmonious development and life of young people in a safe and  favorable environment. On that principle, and in terms of our government's National Program of Activities for Children and Youth, The School of Life sets basic goals of its programs for children and youth:

  • to promote the social values which can inspire young people to actively think and achieve safe and prosperous future in a society of equal opportunities, social solidarity and socially valued creativity;
  • to stimulate young people with an adequate education to actively contribute in resolving social, personal and generational problems by including them in the process of decision-making in all its stages;
  • to promote education and activities that constitute a civil society, to nurture peaceful solution of social conflicts;
  • to promote development of innovative contents, services, pedagogical methods and a lifelong learning approach, which are based on information-communication technologies;
  • to promote and honor volunteer work, activities beneficial to society, solidarity, respect of rights and acceptance of differences;
  • to provide an open and modern system of informal education and specialization for everyone as well as to encourage social advancement towards knowledge and skills;
  • to offer young people a chance to gain new skills, virtues and knowledge as well as perfecting the existing ones through lifelong learning so as to enable them for a complete and responsible participation in all aspects of the society and to achieve a productive employment, social security, an independent and healthy life as well as participation in decision-making;
  • to ensure the equal life opportunities and the reduction of risks of social exclusion and inequities for young people that live in especially tough circumstances, young people with a disabilities and all those who are in any way in an unfavorable position;
  • to respect the needs of young people for an autonomous cultural expression, productive use of free time as well as sports and recreation in the function of quality living;
  • to stimulate cultural, touristic and educational mobility of young people which expands their horizons, opens communication with the world and makes it possible to meet new standards, patterns, methods and ways of social activity;
  • to support measures and activities oriented towards integrating healthy life habits and life styles as well as the improvement of the health of young people with a special emphasis on the prevention of addictions, chronic non-transmittable deasease, mental diseases and behavioral issues;
  • to encourage young people to actively participate in the programs meant for protection and improvement of environment and sustainable development.
Society founded on virtues


Economy founded on virtues


Economic growth and stability

"You can't teach a man anything. All you can do is help him find it within himself."
Galileo Galilei


"I can't teach anyone anything. I can only make them think."


"Every person has complete knowledge of the real truth within its soul and it just needs to be encouraged to consciously think to be made aware of it."

"People should not learn so much in order to know what to do,
but they should learn in order to know what to be.
” - Talidari

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire!"
- William Butler Yeats

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school."
- Albert Einstein

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"Learning means finding out what we already know. Creating means showing that we know it. Teaching means reminding others they know it as well as we do. We are all students, creators and teachers." - Unknown author

"All I know most surely about morality and duties, I owe to football."
(and not to formal education) - Albert Camus

Snowhite lived with 7 men. Jasmin and Aladdin were in an illicit relationship. Tarzan walked around half-naked and talked with monkeys. Sleeping beauty ended up with the first man who kissed her. Hansel and Gretel barely escaped the witch who wanted to eat them. Cinderella snuck out from home at night to go to a party. Pinocchio was a liar, and Robin Hood a thief....These were the stories they read to us when we were kids, so why do they wonder what kind of a generation we are!





cca. 50 000 people visit our website every month





Be the godfather/ godmother of chosen virtue(s), flaw(s) or skill(s) featured in the program of the School of Life! Be responsible for the strengthening of selected virtues or skills in our society!
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Zvjezdan Linić
fra Zvjezdan Linić, charismatic whose spiritual retreats annually attend
30 000 Croats

"Dear Natalija,
I send you a big blessing for all the good your institution wants to do. I believe it is good and that it serves to the goodness of a man as a whole. I support you with prayers.

fra Zvjezdan"



Recommended by
majda rijavec
Prof. Dr. Majda Rijavec, psychologist and renowned author of many books

"I support the program of The School of life and  everyone who conducts it. The students who will have the chance to participate in it one day will surely not say 'Too bad we hadn't heard about it before'."
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Recommended by
slika Jadranka Delač Hrupelj
MA Jadranka Delač Hrupelj, prof. Psychology and English, Master of Medical Science, Director of Creative d.o.o.

"School of life has courageously taken responsibility and the initiative and has offered children something they have needed for a long time. It is a school in which children are prepared for  all unanswered questions of the present and the future, a school which teaches us to think and solve different problems in a constructive way, a school that helps us be who we truly are."
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