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GOAL: success in all aspects of life - in business, relationships, achieving goals, manifesting desires ...

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"The School of Life" is an e-learning program, which offers leading-edge educational programs through which users have the opportunity to learn everything that is not covered through formal education but it is vital for achieving success and happiness in life.

This program and course for the practice of virtues is innovative and unique - no one else offers it!

E-Course "Virtuology" is an online course within the e-learning program "The School of Life" that provides multimedia training for success and prosperity. It includes modules on activating and cultivating one’s own virtues as well as on deactivating one’s own flaws.

The duration of the course is unlimited because its program is a part of the lifelong learning which enhances personal development and self-sustainability. It is up to you to determine how many months you want to participate.
E-certificates are issued on a quarterly basis after graduation of each level.

The purpose of this program is to enable you to strengthen your virtues and rid yourself of your flaws and so empower you to achieve lasting success and prosperity.

The premise of this course is that in order to be successful and to prosper one needs more than just knowledge and skills. However, the economies of most countries are knowledge-based.

How come with all the great knowledge used by educated professionals, experts, specialists, academics, intellectuals and other highly educated citizens occupying the highest municipal, governmental and corporate positions, nevertheless most countries are in debt?
How come most of the highly educated members of our society live in debt and in constant struggle, are not really successful and rarely in a state of well-being?
Is knowledge really the basis for prosperity? Is success of an economy really based on knowledge?

We have a collapse, crisis and unsteady economy whenever we base success (personal, business or social) primarily on knowledge.
The model for overcoming the crisis and for lasting success and prosperity is that our economy, our society and the success of organizations and individuals should be based on three pillars, not just one:

In the knowledge-based economy and education the missing foundations are the virtues and skills - they should form the foundation, rather than just being additional "bricks or tools" to build our success.
What's the use of all the knowledge in this world if you do not have certain underlying virtues to use your knowledge properly?! Virtues such as love, wisdom, integrity, creativity, innovation, responsibility, diligence, initiative, perseverance, authenticity, self-discipline, honor, faith etc.
The lack of virtues leads to corruption, irresponsible behavior, misconduct, greed, laziness and similar destructive flaws that bring about failure and suffering, even among the most highly educated individuals.

Through formal education we get mostly knowledge and through upbringing and the school of life we normally develop some virtues and skills. Unfortunately, nowadays we marginalize the virtues. In order to avoid building these existential pillars in a nonchalant manner, we have created an e-learning program called "The School of Life" and the pertaining e-course "Virtuology" offering support in building up virtues and skills. Virtuology is a course in virtues and related matters.

The content of the program is coherent with the principles of curricular correlations. Our interdisciplinary approach to the development of individuals, Neurolinguistic methodology and inter-connectivity enables a holistic approach to knowledge acquisition where the emphasis is on learning, not on teaching.

Subjects of this e-course

  • Virtuology - virtues development
  • Energy Detox - releasing unsuitable, subconscious 'programs' (manifested as flaws, faults, weaknesses, vices and defects)
  • Skills
  • Finances

Within these subject there are topics such as success, financial freedom, meaning and the purpose of one’s life, the laws of nature, emotional intelligence, intelligent emotionality, responsibility, perseverance, initiative, self-discipline, faith, fascination, gratitude, love, wisdom, authenticity, honor, self-confidence, intuition, communication skills, visualization, time management, laziness, lying, greed, prejudice, anger and many more.

Highlight: fascination - when we are fascinating to others we don't need to convince them, sell them or persuade them because our fascination does it all for us. Rather than selling or persuading, fascinate others - how to do that, learn in this e-course!

In the light of global economic, ecological and cultural changes, which we have witnessed in recent years, it becomes clear that the old systems are not that effective, and that we need to keep pace with the times and adapt the concepts of acquiring the required competencies to achieve prosperity. Nowadays, formal education does not guarantee us success, therefore we all need additional informal and self-education. In the era of increased individualization of society, education is increasingly becoming the responsibility of the individual, for which our program is an excellent support.

Formal school education provides general and theoretical knowledge. Everyday life requires more - it requires practicality, certain skills, virtues, knowledge of human values, proper habits, resourcefulness and so on. The Virtuology program is a response to the gap that exists between theory and practice. In it we offer support for the development of socio-emotional competencies and financial independence. In addition, all the participants get a chance to monetize their virtues, ie. the possibility to recover the cost of this course and more.

Our program is designed to teach not only what to do, but also how to do it. It is not enough to say, for example, that you should be proactive, but you need to know how exactly to do it. This is our specialty!

Modern times bring with them the modernization of lifestyle, including learning style. Our e-course offers a multimedia content - the material is presented not only with text but also with various pictures, videos, audio recordings, inspirational stories, anecdotes, jokes, quotes of renowned people and so on. Such a conglomerate of information makes the material "digestible" and certainly interesting. For those who want a certificate, we conduct verification not in the form of grueling tests, but as quizzes which are done immediately after reading the material to prove you actually read it.

E-course is divided into units, which are optimally processed per month, and per week in the intensive e-course. Each unit contains 4 multimedia modules. For each module it takes 1-2 hours to read it.




Special Benefit!
All participants of this course can work for us from the start and get:
earn performance-based
  high income
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  course for free.

The Structure of the Course

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This course is structured so that each participant goes through modules, units and levels. Given that the course covers a number of topics within a few subjects, this course takes months, even years to complete it. You can gain many benefits after only a month, and everyone who wants to enjoy even more benefits will be inspired to continue with the program as long as (s)he wants. We learn as long as we live.

Topics of the course are presented in modules. The modules are grouped into units - each unit has about 4 modules. It is optimal to go through at least one module per week, in which case one unit of four modules can be completed in a month. Each level of the course contains three units, or 12 modules, so our program is divided quarterly - every quarter a new level.
If a student wants to take a course at an accelerated pace, we also offer an intensive e-course in which modules can be processed each day. For each module it takes about 1-2 hours.

In addition to theory, as part of the course there is also practice in which knowledge is applied in everyday life. Therefore, for practical activities that build upon the theory it is recommended that you go through the course at a moderate pace so as to revise theory through practice.

Each course participant takes the course independently. The course takes place over the internet and has no scheduled deadlines, so each student can start and attend a course whenever (s)he wants in the dynamics of own choice.

Each module consists of theory, practice and quiz. Quiz affirms and attests the knowledge, as well as confirms to the superiors that the student has actually read the material and passed the theoretical part. Some activities that fall under the practical part of each module shall be conducted in the form designed for it throughout the following month, and the superior shall confirm the accuracy of these activities, to ensure that the participant actually applies the theory in practice.

The theory is partially available for free to all our users - revealing the "what" and "why". The "how" part is revealed in the course - structuring the education, systematization, presentation of the results of test quizzes and modeling the practices. For those who want additional support from mentors, we offer that too. Mentors provide professional support in the form of answering questions, supervision and encouragement throughout the course.

The curriculum of this course »
It is possible to differently combine the units of the e-course. If you want to attend units in other order, after you pay your e-course please let us know which unit you want BEFORE we give you a password to enter.

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